Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky stuff

Since it is Halloween, I'm writing a post about spooky stuff. Now what is spooky to me you ask?
For me, the creepiest things are spiders. Give me anything but spiders. I hate them because they are creepy and crawly, and I think that it is kind of creepy when they see you naked in the shower.
For example today in Small Chamber (The Chamber Orchestra within the Chamber Orchestra) this guy brought a giant fake spider in. I freaked out. The guy that I like threw the spider at me, just to make me freak out over it. While I was telling him I was going to murder him alive, one of my friends put it in my bag. One girl in my class asked me for a pencil in my bag after that. I ,being the nice person I am, (I had no clue about the spider) opened my bag. I saw the spider and flipped out. Did I mention that I bought a bag of candy for all the other 9 people in that class?
I can deal with ghosts, zombies, and serial killers (just to name a few), but god forbid there be any spiders.
Happy Halloween to all!  

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