Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky stuff

Since it is Halloween, I'm writing a post about spooky stuff. Now what is spooky to me you ask?
For me, the creepiest things are spiders. Give me anything but spiders. I hate them because they are creepy and crawly, and I think that it is kind of creepy when they see you naked in the shower.
For example today in Small Chamber (The Chamber Orchestra within the Chamber Orchestra) this guy brought a giant fake spider in. I freaked out. The guy that I like threw the spider at me, just to make me freak out over it. While I was telling him I was going to murder him alive, one of my friends put it in my bag. One girl in my class asked me for a pencil in my bag after that. I ,being the nice person I am, (I had no clue about the spider) opened my bag. I saw the spider and flipped out. Did I mention that I bought a bag of candy for all the other 9 people in that class?
I can deal with ghosts, zombies, and serial killers (just to name a few), but god forbid there be any spiders.
Happy Halloween to all!  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What is an Orch Dork?

This question is kind of like,"What the HE## is a Hufflepuff?" However there a few major differences. First of all, this question does not only have one answer. Second, Orch Dorks are not good finders. Third, A Very Potter Musical does not answer this question. So what is an Orch Dork exactly?

An Orch Dork works his or her butt off playing violin, viola, cello, or bass. They love orchestra and would probably go into severe depression without it. The average Orch Dork is usually a fan of Harry Potter, Monty Python, and other geeky things. Despite how awesome an Orch-Dork is, the Orch Dork is not very popular.

How you can notice an Orch Dork out of the sea of musicians is very diffucult. You can easily tell who is a violinist or violist because they have a "Hickey" on the side of  his or her neck because of the end pen. DO NOT assume that they had an extra cozy evening with their boyfriend or girlfriend "Although this may be true as well." The Orch Dork talks about funny events in orchestra to all of his or her friends. The Orch Dork always has a song in his or her head from orchestra and usually hums the part he or she plays.

The moral of this story? Hug an Orch Dork today. You will never regret it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Building a catapult

I have to build a catapult for my physics class. It has to be able to shoot a ping-pong ball. It's not that I don't like this project, this is the most awesome project I ever had before. However, I have to find a design. I probably looked at about 20 designs already. At least I do not have to worry about diffuculty because my dad is an engineering wiz and can help me build it. Then I have to test it. That is the most awesome part by far because I get to shoot it. I see why the Mythbusters have so much fun now with testing things.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello people!

My name is Musicmajor, or Italy, or whatever you want to call me, as long as it is not mean or says anything about Twilight or Justin Bieber (I HATE those things). I am an Orch-Dorky person wanting to be a music major. My best friend is Gir Lover, or Germany. I currently like this guy, which in this blog I am calling him Spain. About me; I  love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hetalia, along with other awesome and geeky things. I hate Twilight, Justin Bieber, and most mainstream music. As my name and blog says, I am an Orch Dork, and at a later time, I will tell you what it means. This post is telling you a little about me, nothing major. I will tell you in this blog about my adventures and misadventures of my crazy life.